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Hānai ʻAi Hawaiʻi

[Native Hawaiian Food Producer-Practitioners]


In advancing our mission, we have identified the strategic goal to develop a local health-focused food economy that is both culturally and environmentally responsible and conscious. To achieve this goal, 'Apoākea will engage in a number of projects directed at:  

  • Perpetuating Native Hawaiian Food Producer-Practitioner cultures and practices; 

  • Protecting and preserving culturally important lands, aquatic environments, and natural resources;

  • Cultivating, training, and equipping the next generation of Native Hawaiian Food Producer-Practitioners; 

  • Engage in rural, economic, and workforce development affecting historically disadvantaged populations and communities;

  • Conservation of natural resources, Native species, habitats, ecosystems, and environments; 

  • Strategizing and innovating for climate change resilience;

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