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Building Capacity

'Apoākea has been a labor of love. Our ultimate goal is to build enough capacity to do this work full-time and so we are constantly applying to competitive grant opportunities at the federal, state, and county levels . Direct donation to the organization is the best way to ensure that we are building the capacity that we need, but here are some other ways that you can donate. 

PayPal Giving Fund.jpg

Paypal Giving Fund

Through your PayPal transactions, you may identify 'Apoākea (Infinite Reach) as your chosen charitable organization and the PayPal Giving Fund will make a grant of your contribution to this organization.

eBay For Charity.png

eBay for Charity

Individual vendors on eBay can actually choose to dedicate a portion of their proceeds to a charitable organization of their choice



By identifying 'Apoākea (Infinite Reach) as your chosen charity, a portion of your Amazon purchases will be donated to this organization. 


 Venmo Charity

Donations can now be received through Venmo! Scan our QR Code or send donation to @InfiniteReachApoakea.

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